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Camera-ready version

This page only applies for submission to the workshop track


Camera-ready versions for accepted papers should be submitted via EasyChair DaMaLOS-2022 workshop proceedings as an update to the original submission. No authors should be added at this stage.

  • Submission deadline (camera-ready version): TBA - around 15th of October 2022
  • Maximum length: 10 pages for research and reserach object papers and 6 pages for short research and position papers using a modified LNCS templates
  • Reserved DOI: A DOI will be communicated directly to authors (particularly corresponding authors)
  • Modifications to the LNCS template
    • No header on the first page
    • Header for even pages (2, 4, and so), aligned to the left (please cut the title as necessary to make it fit in one line, if cut please add … at the end), see Table 1
    • Header for odd pages (3, 5, and so), aligned to the right, see Table 2
    • For an example, please see the editorial note from DaMaLOS 2020

Note: You will need to modify the template yourself (e.g., increase margins for headers) so the headers fit.

Table 1

Header for even pages, alignment to the left

#page-number Doe et al. (2022) Title of the article...

Table 2

Header for odd pages (except the first one), alignment to the right

DaMaLOS@ISWC. PUBLISSO-Fachrepositorium. DOI:assigned DOI #page-number


Proceedings of the workshop will be publicly available under CC-by 4.0 license in PUBLISSO-Fachrepositorium, indexed by BASE. By submitting you agree to the use of this license for accepted papers.

Journal submission

Accepted workshop papers will be invited to submit an extended version to the Journal of Biomedical Semantics (JBMS). Please be aware that post-workshop submissions to the journal are expected to be original work showing some improvment/advancement regarding the workshop submission (i.e., you cannot submit the same text as it was accepted to the workshop and the journal version should be different enough).

Submission system

All submissions should be done via EasyChair DaMaLOS-2022 workshop proceedings