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Journal of Biomedical Semantics

The Journal of Biomedical Semantics (JBMS) addresses issues of semantic enrichment and semantic processing in the biomedical domain. The scope of the journal covers two main areas:

  • Infrastructure for biomedical semantics: focusing on semantic resources and repositories, meta-data management and resource description, knowledge representation and semantic frameworks, the Biomedical Semantic Web, and semantic interoperability, and
  • semantic mining, annotation, and analysis: focusing on approaches and applications of semantic resources; and tools for investigation, reasoning, prediction, and discoveries in biomedicine.

JBMS plans a special Call for Papers for an extended version of accepted papers at DaMaLOS workshop. We will add more information here and will contact authors of accepted papers once the call is open.

Important information All submitted papers to JBMS will follow a peer-review process

  • Long papers will go under a light-weight review process
  • Short and position papers will go under a regular review process
  • JBMS review process is necessary for the journal’s quality considerations, workshop acceptance does not guarantee a JBMS acceptance
  • Submissions to JBMS must acknowledge DaMaLOS workshop